Work With A Criminal Lawyer To Clear Your Name

Getting into legal trouble is pretty scary, especially if your freedom is on the line. Therefore, it’s essential that you find a good lawyer and work closely with them to clear your name. Here are five ways to do it right and increase your chances of success.

Find A Criminal Lawyer You Can Work With

Some personalities just don’t jive, and since you’ll be working so closely with your criminal lawyer, it’s important that you get along well. However, if you’ve hired highly reputable Arizona defense lawyers with an incredible track record for getting people cleared of all charges, find a way to work with them. You have a lot at stake, and your good name and freedom come before superficial differences. Also, it’s crucial that you know what you will be charged ahead of time; ask about retainer fees and payments and whether or not you can expect filing and other miscellaneous charges.

Tell Your Lawyer Everything

You are entirely protected by lawyer-client privilege, meaning the lawyer can’t tell anyone what you talk about. Since it’s so important that the person defending you is aware of every detail surrounding your case and charges, hold nothing back. Tell the lawyer precisely what you did, who saw it, what other people did, etc. They can’t adequately defend you if they don’t know all the facts, and if the prosecution finds things out that you’ve withheld from your criminal lawyer, your entire case could be lost.

Follow The Advice Of Your Criminal Lawyer

Even if something doesn’t make sense to you, your lawyer knows the system better than you. They are not going to misguide you in any way. Thus, it behooves you to follow their instructions exactly. Dress as you’re told, speak as you’re told and say what you’re told. Otherwise, you risk undermining your lawyer’s whole plan of defense.

Conduct Yourself Like An Outstanding Citizen

While your charges are pending, it’s crucial that you do nothing else to represent yourself as a criminal. This means not speeding, not jay-walking and not contacting anyone involved in your case (especially in a manner that could be legally interpreted as intimidating) unless advised to do so by your attorney. If applicable, go ahead and volunteer for addiction counseling, anger management or anything else that will show the court you take your charges seriously and are already attempting to make the positive changes necessary to make yourself a better person.

Get Friends And Family To Speak On Your Behalf

Facing criminal charges is not a matter to be taken lightly. Anyone who knows you as a good person and law-abiding citizen should come forward and speak up for you at this time. Let your lawyer know who is willing to come forward and what good things they have to say about you. Counsel will decide if their testimony is admissible and if so, how to present it to the court.

You have too much at stake when you face criminal charges. Make sure you have great representation and that you follow these five rules of conduct – You have a good chance of winning your case if you do.